I’ve always said that I just want to write songs that strike an emotional chord in my listeners. Songs they can relate to, songs they can live by. That’s my goal. If I can touch people with my songs, that’s the biggest win for me. But sometimes its someone…or something else, that touches me.

One night, a friend of mine had one of the worst things a parent can have happen – he lost his son in a tragic accident. I remember being in one of the stables at the county fairgrounds just in shock and wondering what I could do to help him.

I took a break from from working and started thinking about my friend and his son. I picked up my guitar and without any effort, wrote the song “That’s What Angels Do”. I remember feeling like it was someone else doing the writing – like I was being guided. I have never had a song come out more smoothly, effortlessly, and as quickly as it did that night.

But here’s the part that sometimes trips me out.

Right after I finished writing the song, my friend called me to ask if there was any way I could write a song to sing at the funeral.

It was one of those weird moments like when you’re talking about someone you haven’t spoken to in years and then the phone rings and it’s that very same person on the other end of the line. You can’t help but feel that there is some psychic connection at play. Sometimes a song comes from somewhere bigger than the songwriter.

I sincerely believe this is what our departed loved ones would say to us if they had the chance.

The track is not currently available for sale but as a THANK YOU for being one of my subscribers I want to give it to you for free – no strings attached! It has a lot of meaning for me and I hope you enjoy it.

Download “That’s What Angels Do” here.

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  1. I loved this Pat. I’m happy that when you were touched to put those thoughts and feelings to music, you jumped right on it!
    Angels are all around us. I believe that

    1. Thank you Anni! I’ve learned that it’s best to act quickly on things like that. I also believe they are all around us. I just released a song called Miracles that you might enjoy. It’s on my Christmas album available on Bandcamp.

  2. This song touched my heart the first time I heard it I lost my only brother and it was if he was telling me he was OK threw ur voice thanking pat for such a great inspirational song

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