They say this time of year is the busiest – parties, shopping, wrapping presents and wrapping up business. It’s no different for me, especially with my wife and half my family living in another state. Coordinating flights, kids–chaos! Not to mention, finishing up the next album. Looking back this has been a great year! I’ve played some cool shows with some of my music heroes; I’ve played lots of small gigs around the Mountain West. I’ve made new friends along the way and have gotten to know many of you that have been riding shotgun on this journey of mine.

As we go about our busy days the next couple of weeks remember what the meaning of Christmas is about–the giving, the unconditional love, and time with family; three of the most important things in life.  Try not to get lost in the hub-bub of a million things to get done. Take some time in the quiet hours of the night and just reflect on all the good things. I know that’s what I have to do.

Good things are coming in the next year – more shows, bigger shows, I’ll be announcing the new album soon (it’s been sent off to the mastering engineer to work his magic on it).

I hope truly hope you and yours have a very wonderful, merry Christmas and I sincerely thank you for your support.

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