NEW MUSIC – Christmas Album

Hey y’all! While recording my next album, my producer said, “hey, lets do a couple of quick Christmas songs ” well a couple turned into 6. These songs are nothing fancy, just 6 Christmas songs performed acoustically with some bells on a couple of them. Since it’s spur of the moment, and wasn’t planned, my […]

Backstage with Gary Allan

AMAZING NIGHT! My label, Sonic Valley Records, hooked me up backstage with Gary AllanĀ !! Met one of my heroes & biggest musical influences tonight, & enjoyed an incredible show!

Rainy Day Hero

In some of the interviews about my song, Helluva Cowboy (which was written for the late rodeo legend Lewis Field), I have mentioned how inspiring it is when you meet your heroes in person and they actually act like heroes. That was definitely my experience with Lewis, but there was also another time when one […]